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Individuals. Couples, Family, Transformational Coaching, Spiritual Guide, Relationship Consultant, Lecturer, Personal Growth Adviser services available: please call or text Anna at:  347-699-5941 or email: to schedule a day and time.



Please select the reading(s) you are interested in receiving and submit your request for the day and time that you would like. There is a waiting list for some types of readings, however we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please call: 347-699-5941 or email:

Celtic Cross, Past-Present-Future, Monthly, Ask Your Question, and Situation or Concern Readings are also available by request.

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  • How to manifest what you truly want – there’s a formula on how to do this.
  • Retrain your brain!
  • Affirmations, vision-boards, visualizations, and repetition.
  • Be the success you are meant to be!
  • Everything you need is already inside you.
  • Wake up to your personal power!
  • Experience a night of hope!
  • The study of angels and the role in our lives.
  • Study of Angel Readings.
  • Motivational Coach.
  • Life / Love / Career Coach.
  • A night of infinite possibilities!
  • Welcome to your subconscious mind – home of the infinite intelligence!
  • The power of the words “I AM,” and whatever follows them.
  • Upgrade your operating system to meet your higher self!
  • Learn how to call your higher in for questions – how to interpret yes or no answers.
  • What frequency are you on?
  • Learn Clearing of auric fields, energy levels, and chakra’s.
  • Activate your 12 strand DNA – a.k.a. your spiritual DNA.
  • Cut cords of attachments/behaviors/people/situations that do not serve you.
  • What is your life purpose?
  • The law of attraction vs. the law of deservingness.
  • How to find your twin flame.
  • Who are your soul family?
  • Forget about guilt, shame, regret – they serve no purpose in your higher self.
  • Learn how to tell the difference if it is your ego or higher self talking in your head.

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What You Said to Yourself Yesterday Created this Moment, What You Say to Yourself Now is what You Are Creating for Your Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month and Next Year. . . Are Your Words Reflecting What You Want Or What You Don’t Want?

Your Subconscious Mind is a Perfect Servant, but not a good Master at all. It is Not Personal, nor can it Differentiate the Truth from a Lie.  It cares not if what you want is positive or negative. Like the Universe, it is Always Listening for Your Next Thought, a.k.a. Command, and that is what it will manifest in your experience.


Talk to yourself, speak your words and take action steps with the mindset that you are purposefully creating your life exactly the way you want it to be. This is exactly what you are doing at every moment of everyday anyway, so you might as well create that which you truly want.

Packages Available:

  • Recurrent Therapy Sessions  – (Weekly Sessions – Pay for 4 (four) – the 5th (Fifth) is Free.)
  • Specific Readings/Mixed Readings/Individual/Couples Readings/Family Readings – (Please inquire.)
  • Readings Workshops – (Learn about the different card decks.) 
  • Therapy Sessions/Workshops – (This is combination of Weekly Sessions and Workshops which come at discounted rates if purchasing a package.)

Make sure to include what services you are requesting and be specific, otherwise ask for what you would like, and someone will assist you. Let us know the best way to reach you. We do our best to make this a quick and easy process.  You will receive confirmation of your request and notification of the date & time of your session(s), reading(s) and/or workshop(s).

If you have a thought/request or desired type of therapy, reading, workshop, or package that you do not see listed here, do not hesitate to ask for what you are seeking. We could not list everything we offer here.


Thank you, Anna – Namaste