Readings Offered

  • Guardian Angels & Saints – (Learn who your guardian angels are. Do you have a Saint you pray to for guidance?)


  • Messages from your Angels (We all have angels with us from birth – they have messages for each of us.)
  • Archangel Oracle Card(Each Archangel possesses specific powers to help us.)
  • Loving Words from Jesus (If you want specific messages from Jesus alone.) 



  • Archangel Michael – (Archangel Michael severs all cords of attachment to mindsets that no longer serve you. Such as: poverty, struggle, illness, violence, lack, scarcity, failure, unlovable, unworthy.)
  • Life Changes (If you are going through Life Changes and want to ask a question.)
  • Keepers of the Light(Keepers of the Light are also called, “Earth Angels,” they keep the light here on earth. They usually feel they are not of this Earth and have a difficult childhood. They are prone to being “different,” to most people they encounter, and often know on an innate level that they don’t “fit in.”)
  • Angel Therapy(Angel Therapy is a way in which your Angels can communicate with you directly in a Healing Manner as a Therapist would to guide you.)


  • Subconscious Belief’s (This is where you learn how to create the life you desire.)
  • Mary Queen of Angels (If you love the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.)
  • Tarot Card(Tarot are the oldest, most well known of all the cards. They answer a multitude of questions.)
  • Talking to Heaven(Have you ever wanted to talk to people you know in Heaven? If so, this would be a good selection for you.)
  • Life Purpose Oracle (If you wonder what your Life Purpose is here on earth).
  • Angel Answers Oracle (If you want specific answers from the Angels.)
  •  Angel Tarot Card (Angel Tarot deals with overall issues in your total life experience.)
  • Archangel Raphael Healing(Archangel Raphael is the “Healer.” He is most often called upon by those dealing with their own illness or the illness of someone else. This does not have to be a physical illness, it could be mental, addiction, etc.)
  •  Angels of Abundance Oracle (Questions regarding your flow of abundance.) 



  • Money & Law of Attraction (These cards answer many questions regarding your relationship with money and how you view it. Whether you attract it by your thinking, or keep it away. And whether you are aware of the difference.)
  • The Soul Journey Lesson  (What is your Soul Journey? Do you need Guidance?)
  • Angel Healing (These cards deal directly with your own personal angels and areas in which you desire healing, and/or areas in which they feel you need to address certain areas of your life whether you would like to do so, or not.)
  •  Akashic Tarot (All of our Soul Information from our lifetimes are stored in the Hall of Akashic Records. This reading will give you the answers to why many things are familiar to you, at different times in your life, yet, you know you have never been there, done that?)
  •  Past Lives  (New Soul? Old Soul? Who were you before? Strange Dreams that make no sense but feel “so real?”) 


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  • Goddess Within  (This is a good reading for women who want to learn about their inner Goddess.)


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  • Children’s Cherub(These cards are beautiful and tiny – made for children. If you have questions regarding any children in your life.)
  • Animal Energy(Each of us has various types of energy, one of which is Animal. Learn more about your Animal as well as why you chose the Animal that you have as your pet, or better stated, “why they chose you.”)
  • Archetypes (Archetypes are higher beings who specialize in specific areas, such as: music, art, acting, test taking, business, writing, nursing, etc. They can be called on when you need help in any area –  they speed up what could otherwise be a very lengthy process of learning.)
  • Ascended Masters (Ascended Masters are individuals who have been here on Earth and most of us know about them as they’ve left indelible impressions. Such as Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, and many others. These Masters are available to each of us at all times to call upon whenever we need wise counsel.) 


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  • Postcards from Spirit(This is a personal postcard which comes to each person differently and means something unique to that person. It is from the world of Spirit which is Heaven.)Sacred Contract – (Sacred Contracts are Contracts we make with other Spirits prior to taking on a Human Form. Such as: when, where and how we will meet our husband/wife/partner; the souls that will be come in as our children, we even agree have a soul or two come in if we are getting off course of our human experience. You will know these people as they usually annoy you, people you can’t seem to get rid of, cause you to change your ways or pose a constant reminder to what you “should be” doing.) Take nothing personally, they are simply fulfilling their Scared Contract with you. We meet no one by “accident,” and there are no “coincidences.”


Yes, we all have Free WillHowever, we also have Spirits/People with whom we made “loving” contracts with to interact with us during our Lifetime on Earth. We can only make these contracts when we are in Spirit Form as that is when we only know “Love,” and are willing to do whatever we need to do for our Spiritual Growth and for God. We would probably all agree to becoming a handsome famous actor and play the role of “Superman” during our lifetime, but I think it’s safe to say we would not want to get into an accident that leaves us in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic unable to move for the rest of our life.

This is exactly what Christopher Reeve realized before he passed away. He got the world’s attention didn’t he? He shined a light on what quadriplegics endure. That was his loving life/soul purpose on Earth. He said, “I was arrogant when I was ‘Superman” I knew nothing of the meaning of Life. This only became clear to me when I was confined to this chair unable to move. This is where I learned humility in ways that taught me what it truly means to be alive. I see and appreciate everything in a new way. I thank God every second of everyday.”    

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The next time you meet yourself, no matter what role you happen to be playing, student, boyfriend, teacher, neighbor, father, sister, police officer, bank manager, pianist, or entrepreneur, remember to stop for a minute and say hello! Treat yourself kindly, check in and see how you’re feeling Ask yourself if you are creating your world as you want it to be or if you forgot that you have this power! It’s okay to slip back into “normalcy,” as long as you stay close enough to your higher-self so that you will be reminded over and over and over again who you really are. It is so worth getting to know yourself and loving that person you were created to become. Trust me, it’s never ever too late!