• Sever Cords of Attachment to Beliefs that No Longer Serve You Such as: Poverty, Fear, Not being Worthy, being Unlovable, Failure, Misery, Frustration, well as any Other Belief that Keeps You Stuck and therefore Repeating it.
  • Change How You See things and the Things You See Will Change.
  • Attitudinal Healing.
  • Energy Clearing.
  • Protective Shielding.
  • Understand and Know Your Triggers.
  • Learn How to Navigate A Human World While Knowing Your True Essence is Spirit.
  • Learn How to Create the Tomorrow you Want by Thinking Correctly Today.
  • Engage HSC (Highly Sensitive Children) to Embrace their God Given Gifts.
  • Elevate your Frequency.
  • Be the Person you were Created to Be.
  • Reconnect Yourself to the Light that You Are.
  • Live your life on Purpose.
  • Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise.
  • There is No Limit on what You Can Create!
  • You are Divine – We all are – by Birthright.
  • What is Yours, is Yours, and Cannot be Claimed by Another.
  • Release the Belief of Struggle.
  • Embrace the Abundance In Your Life by Affirming, Feeling and Claiming It.
  • Once You Believe – Signs are Everywhere.
  • Trust your Intuition.
  • Everything You Need is Already Inside You!
  • Learn how the Law of Life is the Law of Belief and How To use this to Manifest Anything You Want.
  • Control Your Mind, Choose Your Thoughts and Live the Life You Desire.
  • What Comes From The Heart – Reaches The Heart.
  • What is Obvious to You is Amazing to Others!


Points to Ponder:

While we cannot control everything that happens to us throughout our journey, we are always at choice at how we react to everything. In essence this power we have to determine how we react in every moment is the determining factor in how we choose to experience each moment.


Personal Power:

Choice – (Choose how you want to feel about every moment, and you will!)

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Passion (You know what you feel passionate about – let that be part of what drives you to receive your good.)


Focus(The same focus you invest into playing games to gain the outcomes you desire, should be used to bring your mind into sharp alignment with your every wish.)

Perseverance(Stay the course, do not give up! When you want something badly enough, you know how to stay the course right? Well, stay the course with your wishes to achieve focus, control and choice in your mind at every moment, and the rest will come easy.)


Attention(Give your attention to people, places, things and events that warrant your attention. This means pay attention to what you are interested in achieving and do not get sidetracked by distractions. It is this attention and focus that will keep you on track.)

Determination(When the going gets tough ? Yup! The tough get going! Stay determined. No matter what people, appearances or circumstances indicate to the contrary, you remain determined and steadfast in what you want and that you will achieve it, and you will.)

 Right Attitude – (It is important to have the right attitude – which means believing, trusting and having faith that what you are affirming, giving thanks for and seeing, living and enjoying in your mind, is already here for you. If you don’t have the right attitude when you start out, just affirm everyday for a minimum of 21 days, “I AM a Positive Minded Person. I have exactly the right mindset to create the life of my Dreams, and So I do!”)


Action Steps –  (A big part of the entire manifestation process is to pay attention to what you are being shown insofar as the action steps to take.  Phone calls, invitations, talking to a stranger, meetings, sudden events, a casual walk, etc. – nothing is too small or too big to be ready for when you set the wheels  in motion for manifestation. Our desires are fulfilled through various expected and unexpected means. Keep your eyes and ears open. There are no coincidences and no accidents. Once you are aware, the universe is always giving you the best path to follow to reach your goals.)

Good Rapport – (It doesn’t matter what you refer to as your religion, spirituality, higher-self, God-self, Omnipotence, Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Muhammad, or that you are simply being a good person, and have no affiliation. While it is not necessary to want good things for others to manifest what you want into your reality. , it is the wisest way to go. Anything which is desired from a standpoint of wholeness, and a desire to share with others, will always be blessed and sanctioned in ways that those who manifest from darker mindsets, and intentions will never experience. Be in good rapport with your intentions, motives and belief’s – whatever they may be.  Strive to be successful not only for yourself, but for others who will share and benefit from your good fortune. A.k.a. Paying it forward.) 


Manifestation – (Don’t be blinded by having to have everything you want revealed to you exactly as you want it. Many times, because we cannot see the entire picture, what we want comes about in a way that we did not envision. Know that it is always for your best, and the best of all involved as the Infinite Intelligence sees the entire picture and provides for us beyond anything that we would ever even know enough about to claim for ourselves.) 

Gratitude(Always have an attitude of gratitude. Before you ever get anything you have asked for, say “Thank you.” When you get what you asked for, say “Thank you.” And when you continue to understand how to manifest for yourself and others, just remember to always say “Thank you.”  Having a grateful heart, assures continued blessings.”)