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These are cards for children and are quite simply beautiful, inspirational and help children see themselves as they truly are, angels. Before being conditioned by whatever it is society considers “normal” children know they are pure, they intuitively communicate and see things that become hidden to us once we have been labeled and forced to conform to believe whatever it is we have been brainwashed by media, family, school, and everyone else with an opinion. Some will resist but others will eventually believe the script and be whoever, whatever they have been told they are.

My ideas and work has always been to raise children as per their actual nature and nurture them accordingly. I have done this myself with my own two children, who are now young adults and know that each child deserves to be nurtured as the person they are in order to live their full potential and life purpose. It is paramount that we, as the adults and caretakers in their lives make it happen. I guarantee you it is much easier than going against their true nature.


Supa Powa Kids Network!

Here are a few ways in which children are empowered

1.     Every child comes in for a “getting to know you,” session.

2.     Each child is asked what they believe they have that is different from other       kids/special – a.k.a. Supa Powa!


3.     With assistance together we journal in their own Supa Powa book what traits/qualities they have that could be used as their Supa Powa. The list is everything from; generosity, passion, kindness, sharing, determination, charity, patience, perseverance, earth-keeper, animal-keeper, peacekeeper, helper, leader, protector and so on.

4.     A workshop is prepared for the children to attend during which they each get to share their individual Supa Powa’s and describe them in as much detail as they choose to and/or are able to do.


5.     They attend a follow up workshop where each child is encouraged to share idea’s about how they would use their Supa Powa in any way they choose, be it at home, school, friends, family, and/or community, they can take it as far as they can dream it.

6.     Each child is rewarded with a mirror-type gift to understand the Powa of sharing their Supa Powa with others, and what it feels like to receive their same chosen Supa Powa back to them. If their Supa Powa is “sharing,” then they will be given something that is important to the child sharing, if it is, “helping,” they will be shown help in whatever way they would feel/understand what it is to be helped. They could see and feel the tangible rewards of giving and receiving.

7.     Each child will be given the opportunity to make their own costume in a workshop with other Supa Powa Kids or they could make it at home with family, or as a school project (this is their choice). They can be as simple or as elaborate as the child wants. This is “their,” project, so while they will of course need assistance, it is each child’s vision of what their particular Supa Powa Kid would look like. We keep our thoughts, visions, notions, opinions to ourselves and let them be the master’s of their own designs/costumes.


8.     Every child will come up with a way in which they believe they could use their Supa Powa in a way that will benefit others. The project can be small or big, anything from a lemonade stand for thirsty people working in the heat at no cost, to being a friend to someone who has no friends. The scope is only limited to what they can think of. Again, this is the child’s idea, it is whatever they feel capable of, their vision of what they can do.

-(As we know with children, they see everything through eyes that are limitless which is the purpose of these workshops. We don’t want them to entertain what we believe, were raised to believe, or what we were taught by any number of people throughout our lives who didn’t know any better. The idea here is to keep their magical, unlimited belief in miracles alive and thriving, when it is a natural state of being for them, in childhood.)  

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Of course adults assist them once they’ve listened to and really heard the child’s ideas in order to craft something that is doable and work out the details.  It is important that the child feel and be told that through their Supa Powa he/she/they are making a difference in the lives of others. (This will help even very young children understand the concept of positive reinforcement in a way that helps them feel/know and integrate how special and unique they are.

It is not about any of us trying to tell them what we feel is “actually,” better for them to choose, or what would be easier or harder to do. Self-expression, freedom to choose, wings to fly, and no one telling them who or what they are or are not capable of is what this is all about.  Of course children need direction but nurture them by their nature.  

– (As parents, teachers, family members and anyone who has ever spent time around children can attest to, children know from very early on what gains them approval.  They are aware how to get negative attention, and are brilliantly delightful on a purely intuitive level. What I am proposing here is a way that we can all use those innate gifts they come in with, so ready to share with the world for the betterment of themselves, everyone in their life and the world/humanity overall. One day these very small children will grow up – what kind of person would you be happy to know is now contributing to the world? My own experience with my two children is one that I feel blessed knowing everyday that each of them is a wonderful person who gives back to the world in wonderful ways!) 

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Supa Powa Kids Network is an avenue in which we can empower children who still have the beautiful ability to dream out loud, to be whimsical and see and reach for the stars at night to know they actually possess the greatest abilities of all people. Those gifts are innocence, blind faith, the ability to dream of everything and anything, seeing things through the eyes of unconditional love, being non-judgmental, and non-assuming.


When we start young and nurture their souls, hence, their lives, there is much greater potential for them to soar through life always shooting for the stars as they will know they are unlimited. Whether it’s helping a neighbor cut their grass or teaching their own children how to create the lives they want, they will forever know what it is like to believe in themselves. They will know how to obtain what they want because they were able to think it, speak it, write it, believe it and take the action steps needed to attain it! It’s an awesome way to keeping that magical portal open for them while they still know it’s there and have no fear, doubts, suspicions, mistrust, anger, hostility, resentment or any of the other conditions children come to accept as their “reality,” once they have been fully grounded in life. They can live in the world and still keep their wings!

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Supa Powa Kids Logos created by artist/illustrator/cartoonist: Sylvester Krapa