Affirmations are words you say to yourself to “suggest,” to your subconscious mind, basically telling it what it is you want to be/have. It is much like a person who is under hypnosis and it is suggested to them that they will wake up and act like a “cat.” If we can come out of a two second trance and act like a cat because our subconscious cannot determine right from wrong, truth from a lie, or good or bad, it is a perfect servant and delivers unto us that which we have firmly told it that we are, then we can achieve anything through this wonderful medium.

It is this suggestion that imprints itself on the subconscious mind which causes it to deliver the results of what we have affirmed and “suggested, spoken, animated, brainwashed” ourselves to believe.


When you think about it, we have been listening to someone else’s story about who we are since birth. What type of baby/child we were. What type of student we were/are. What type of person we are, good/bad, how we are as a girlfriend/boyfriend, as a friend, co-worker, boss, husband/wife, brother/sister, son/daughter and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice to decide for yourself who you are – and be that person? The person who doesn’t live their life based on what other people think? Isn’t that just who others perceive you to be? Which may or may not be who you think of yourself to be.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the person you know you are and embody the beliefs that you want in your life, maybe it’s time to let go of every label you’ve ever been attached to and start fresh!

Here are some affirmations to help you get started. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly  . . .  

“By day and by night I am being prospered in all of my interests.” – (Many people are not used to affirming things that they do not believe applies to them, such as: “I AM Rich and Successful.” Therefore, until your subconscious begins to accept the new idea of who you are, you can say the above several times upon waking, during the day and before going to sleep at night.)

“I AM a Magnet for Prosperity!” 


“To Understand All Is to Forgive All.  When man understands the creative law of his own mind, he ceases to blame other people and conditions for making or marring his life. He knows that his own thoughts and feelings create his destiny. Furthermore, he is aware that externals are not the causes and conditioners of his life and his experiences. To think that others can mar your happiness that you are the football of a cruel fate that you must oppose and fight others for a living—all these and others like them are untenable when you understand that thoughts are things. The Bible says the same thing. For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. PROVERBS 23: 7.”

“I AM Healthy in Body and Mind.”

“I AM One with the Infinite Intelligence.”

“I AM Surrounded by Happy, Loving and Supportive People.”

“I AM Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Blissfully Happy!”

“I AM Surrounded by People who already want my Product, so they happily to pay for it!”

“I HAVE Brilliant ideas everyday and my company rapidly expands in wonderful ways!”

“I AM With the person I totally love and he/she gets me just as I am!”

“I Forgive Anyone who has ever hurt me, and I am forgiven by anyone I have ever hurt.”

“I AM Always in Alignment with my Life Purpose and I love it! I am abundant and fulfilled  in every way.”

“I AM Thankful for the Perfect Home which has everything I have ever desired and for which I was able to pay for in full!” (If you have specific things you would want or not want, you can specify what things you are grateful for and don’t mention the things you don’t want.)

“Every Day I Live My Dream”!   (Remember – Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate if you are living your dream or not. By affirming this and thinking of what your dream life would be, you are creating the life you will have tomorrow.)


“I AM Always in Alignment with my Life Purpose.”

“I AM Grateful for What I Have and What I Will Receive.” – (It is always beneficial to give thanks before, during or after your affirmation. It not only makes the person reciting the affirmation feel good, but is also pleasing to God – Law of the Universe.) 

“I AM Ready to Take Action, and So I Do!” – (When you affirm something like this, it is a good idea to stand up, look at yourself in the mirror, outstretch your arms and become animated like you really mean it! The more “life/feeling,” you put into your affirmations the quicker your subconscious takes what you are saying as something it must manifest for you.)


“The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me everything I need to know at all times, everywhere.” – (Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of memory. For a perfect memory, affirm this frequently.) 

“All those working in our corporation are honest, sincere, cooperative, faithful, and full of good will to all. They are mental and spiritual links in the chain of this corporation’s growth, welfare, and prosperity. I radiate love, peace, and good will in my thoughts, words, and deeds to my associates and to all those in the company.

The president and the vice president of our company are divinely guided in all their undertakings. The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind makes all decisions through me. There is only right action in all our business transactions and in our relationship with each other.

I send the messengers of peace, love, and good will before me to the office. Peace and harmony reign supreme in the minds and hearts of all those in the company including myself. I now go forth into a new day, full of faith, confidence, and trust.” 

– (This might seem like a stretch to people who work in environments they are not happy being a part of, but if you feel at this time that you have to remain there, at least find your own peace in this affirmation which being said everyday for a minimum of 21 days will bring you peace of mind at your workplace.)


“I like money. I use it wisely, constructively, and judiciously. I release it with joy, and it returns a thousand fold.” – (This is an affirmation for those who are not comfortable saying, “I AM Rich, or I Deserve to be Rich, etc., this is another way of imprinting into your subconscious mind that you want money.)

“I sing/dance/act/play guitar/teach beautifully and effectively; I am poised, serene, and calm.”  (Counteract fear suggestions with the opposite. It will pay fabulous dividends.)

“I have a perfect memory for everything I need to know.” – (Fear is behind amnesia at oral and written examination time. You can overcome this by repeatedly stating this affirmation. Or, you can imagine a friend congratulating you on your brilliant success on the examination. Persevere and you will win.)


“I realize I am one with the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind which knows no obstacle, difficulty, or delay. I live in the joyous expectancy of the best. My deeper mind responds to my thoughts. I know that the work of the infinite power of my subconscious cannot be hindered. Infinite intelligence always finishes successfully whatever it begins. Creative wisdom works through me bringing all my plans and purposes to completion. Whatever I start, I bring to a successful conclusion. My aim in life is to give wonderful service, and all those whom I contact are blessed by what I have to offer. All my work comes to full fruition in divine order.” 


“I AM Awesome! I love myself, and others love me! My family loves me, my partner loves me, my children love me, my friends and co-workers love me too! I AM blessed! 

“To cheat, rob, or defraud another brings lack, loss, and limitation to yourself. Your subconscious mind records your inner motivations, thoughts, and feelings. These being of a negative nature; loss, limitation, and trouble come to you in countless ways.

Actually, what you do to the other, you are doing to yourself.  The good you do, the kindness you show, the love and good will you send forth, will all come back to you multiplied in many ways. You are the only thinker in your world. You are responsible for the way you think about the other.

– (Remember, the other person is not responsible for the way you think about him. Your thoughts are reproduced. What are you thinking now about the other fellow? Become emotionally mature and permit other people to differ from you. They have a perfect right to disagree with you, and you have the same freedom to disagree with them. You can disagree without being disagreeable. Animals pick up your fear vibrations and snap at you. If you love animals, they will not attack you. Many undisciplined human beings are just as sensitive as dogs, cats, and other animals.”) 

“I Claim the Infinite Intelligence that leads and guides me and that all good is mine. My future is wonderful.”  (Believe it and accept it. Expect the best, and invariably the best will come to you. Your future is in your mind now, based on your habitual thinking and beliefs.)

“I AM Healthy, Happy, Rich, Peaceful and Successful!” – (Yes! Say it as if you felt this way right here and now! As if you woke up in the morning and this was your life, all yours! How would that make you feel? You would be so excited and thrilled that these  feelings would reverberate throughout your entire being! Then put those acting skills into action when you affirm this. This will add much to your words alone, in providing your subconscious with a mental movie of the (already felt outcome!) It will have no choice but to get to work on creating these things for you, just as it has created everything else you’ve ever thought of (good or bad.)   


“I Decree and Declare that the wisdom, intelligence and power of guiding, directing and revealing the perfect script, book, play, idea (or perfect solution to whatever it may be) is mine.” – (If you are writing a novel, play, or book, or are working on an invention, business plan, marketing strategy and have come to a dead-end, are out of ideas, are unsure how to get started, pick back up or when it’s finished, speak to your subconscious mind at night. Wonders will happen as you pray this way.)

“The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind is all wise. It reveals to me now the ideal home, which is in a central location and a lovely environment, meets with all my requirements, and is commensurate with my income. I am now turning this request over to my subconscious mind, and I know it responds according to the nature of my request. I release this request with absolute faith and confidence in the same way that a farmer deposits a seed in the ground, trusting implicitly in the laws of growth.”


“I AM compassionate toward those who have mental illnesses and have been conditioned negatively.” – (No matter how you feel toward family, friends, co-workers or whomever it is in your life that seem to unnecessarily infringe upon your rights and have a host of “disorders,” you would not hate a hunchback or cripple would you? You would have compassion. Then have compassion and understanding for mental hunchbacks who have been conditioned negatively. To understand all is to forgive all. In doing so, you forgive yourself for you wrongdoings and are forgiven.)

“I Rejoice in the success, promotion, and good fortune of my coworker, sister, brother, husband, wife, friend.” – (In doing so, you attract good fortune to yourself.) 


“I am now attracting a (man/woman) into my life who is honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy, and prosperous. These qualities, which I admire, are sinking down into my subconscious mind now.

As I dwell upon these characteristics, they become a part of me and are embodied subconsciously. I know there is an irresistible law of attraction and that I attract to me a (man/woman) according to my subconscious belief.

I attract that which I feel to be true in my subconscious mind. I know I can contribute to (her/his) peace and happiness. (She/He) loves my ideals, and I love (her/his) ideals. (She/He) does not want to make me over; neither do I want to make (her/him) over. There is mutual love, freedom, and respect.” 

– (Sit down at night in your chair, close your eyes, let go, relax your body, become very quiet, passive, and receptive. Talk to your subconscious mind repeating this affirmation. Watch what happens.) 


Love Unconditionally.

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Nothing is “too good to be true.”

Nothing is too “amazing to have happened.”

Nothing is “more than you deserve, or too much to hope for.”

Dream BIG! Manifest BIG! Don’t take “NO,” for an answer!


Never judge anyone for any reason – it’s none of your spiritual business.

Don’t “settle . . . ”  That’s like saying, “I know I can’t do better, get better or be better, so I won’t bother trying.”

Don’t assume you know anything about another person. Why they say what they do, or behave in certain ways. Either you accept them as they are, or you don’t. Either way is your choice. Either way, be kind. You can’t hurt others by what’s in your head alone.

Take nothing personally. You can never get upset or offended if you take nothing personally.  If it’s not “your stuff,” then leave it with the person whose dishing it out without judgment, assumption or hurt feelings. It’s their issue not yours, so don’t make it anything else.


Forgive easily – recall how easily and how often you want to be forgiven. The only way for that to happen is for you to forgive easily, and this is made much easier by taking nothing personally.

Accept others as they are – that’s a kind, loving thing to do. If you need someone to change to make you happy, they are not the person for you. You would not want to have to do that for someone, so don’t expect others to want to do it for you.


Help!!!! Jump in and Help someone, anyone, anytime, under any circumstance you can. Don’t wait, think about it, or analyze it. Just help your neighbor whether it’s picking up something they dropped, or shoveling their front porch in the winter, or sit and have dinner or read a book to an elderly person. You’ll think you’re doing it for them but when you show another kindness you are richly rewarded!

Don’t bother thinking about the color of a person’s skin, their race, culture, sexual orientation or religion. We are all the same. Our job here is to fulfill our life purpose. Every obstacle is an opportunity from which to learn and grow from. Every setback is a gift as it gives us the chance to see what we missed so we get it right next time. It is ALL and I mean ALL – Perception.  We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings have a human one.