My name is Anna – I am the Founder of “Shift Happens.”

I’m a lifelong learner, a truth seeker and someone who has spent the better part of 40 years trying to figure things out that just didn’t seem to make sense. That was until I understood that not everything in life will make sense. At least not the type of sense that we are conditioned to believe makes us “normal people.”

I obtained my degrees in psychology, philosophy and social work; from there I became a licensed psychotherapist. Through the years I’ve worked with clients suffering from depression and anxiety to others who had been diagnosed with personality disorders, and everything in between. I myself suffered from depression, anxiety and felt just as lost as some of my clients and I was simultaneously learning and teaching the skills I had gained over the years and I did my best to give my clients the edited version of what I learned hoping they would be able to skip the landmines I had stepped on in my journey.

While I love being a therapist, there was always this feeling that there was more, that I hadn’t fully tapped into what I was really supposed to be doing.


After a lifetime of receiving signs everywhere that there was more than what meets the eye, I discovered that I was able to serve people in ways that were not conventional per se’ but were much more true in discovering who we truly are, which is Spirit. While initially doubting how this would all translate into work, once I made the decision to take that leap of faith and just do it, I received clear guidance and support every step of the way.

Everything I needed was right there waiting to assist me in waking up from the dream that I was a human being having a spiritual experience and recall that I, like everyone else reading this, is a spiritual being having a human experience. This was a true awakening for me and finally things made perfect sense on many levels. I was now able to help others in far greater ways than talk therapy alone could ever do by itself.

I let go of the fear of being wrong, trusted myself and the intuitive guidance I was being given and began receiving messages for clients. I received a great deal of confirmation that what I had said was correct, and my confidence grew from there.

I began reading various types of angel cards as well as soul/life purpose and other types of tarot cards.  I discovered that this was another way in which I could serve others in helping provide the answers they were seeking.

Many also came to see me to find out what they were meant to do here as they too felt unfulfilled despite having everything one could want, the void was still there.

We are all Spirit – each one of us is as valuable, precious and loved as everyone else. No one is loved more or less. We simply have different life/soul paths/journey’s we are here to live/complete until we return home again. Once I understood how all the years of inner knowing came together I knew I had found my purpose. The search was over, not the learning, that will never end, but the search for what I should be doing, what makes me happy, what the signs were and are still all about, now made sense.

I understood how I am supposed to use what I’ve been given, my trust was solidified and my calls for guidance had been answered. I let go, and let God and the angels take me to where I was unaware that I could get on my own, which was to the truth, my higher self.

This life lived now on purpose and with conscious choices and deliberate steps is there for each person reading this.  In the eyes of God we are all created equal and loved unconditionally. We each have a gift whether we discover it or not in this lifetime, everyone has one, it’s up to each of us to find out what that is, what is our assignment here? Whether it’s our smile and that is our gift, making others happy because we are pleasant, good people, or we have an amazing voice, or any other talent, personality trait, inherent quality, that betters others is our gift. It’s also not something that is difficult for us, it’s always something we naturally do, love and feels effortless so many times we are not aware it is our gift. If it’s hard, a struggle, it’s not your gift.

Since my full awakening I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many people who are light workers, (light workers are people who realize they are spiritual beings having a human experience.) They know that their calling is one of service to others, which comes in various forms, too many to mention here, and accept that calling in Divine Love & Light.

I have had clients who come to me totally unaware they were light workers and discovered who they were during therapy.  It can be called an “awakening,” others may say, “the veil dropped” it doesn’t matter what you call it, what’s important is that you remember who you are, and that you are not the body you reside in, that is only the vehicle whereby you are able to navigate your mission here on earth.

You recall your divinity and wake up essentially from the illusion/dream that this is who you are and remember your true Identity. It happens in various ways and times, depending on the individual and whatever he or she chose to learn in this lifetime and throughout their journey, prior to becoming incarnate.

In Spirit, when we make these choices for our life/human experience we are all loving and choose not only for our good, but for the greater good of all. However, once we take on physical form, and forget our true home and identity, we also have “free will.”  This gift of free will is part of the process, however being human now, we also have ego which is on it’s own mission to convince us that fear, failure, shame, guilt, unworthiness, unlovability, etc. is real  . . .


I am honored and humbled to do this work for God, my brothers and sisters on this planet, and anyone who comes to me seeking answers to everyday questions, big or small, as well as those who know there is more and need guidance in finding their way.

I understand what it is like to have mindsets that we have been raised to believe are true, such those mentioned above, but I no longer entertain mindsets that do not serve me, or others. I teach clients how to sever cords of attachments to these, and their own specific mindsets which are based in low energy vibrations and keep them held down.

Once elevated thinking occurs there is another lens with which to see life through and the things you see begin to change. It is not so much that any ‘thing,’ has actually changed, but your perception of it has, so you will create what you want your life to be, instead of what you think it is because, “it is simply that way.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

We all create, subconsciously at first, the experiences, (positive and negative), which we will encounter tomorrow.

Knowing your true identity and understanding that you can create all things when you believe, not only by the words you say, or by affirmations, or by vision boards but when you truly and honestly believe whatever it is on a subconscious and conscious level. That is where the imprint for what you feel is your life will be recorded as it begins the process of manifesting it in your reality.

Do what you love, love what you do, and live the life you want.

Wake Up Sleepy-Heads! Welcome To the Real You!